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The Beechwood Story

The Beechwood Organization, ranked at the forefront of privately-owned residential homebuilders nationwide, is one of the largest developers of single family and multifamily housing in New York State, and is Long Island’s largest homebuilder and developer of sophisticated lifestyle communities.

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What is planned?

Beechwood has submitted an application for a change of zone for the property located at the corner of Manor Road and Jericho Turnpike in Elwood to develop a “for-sale” community.

The community is intended to be comprised of 385 residences spread over 55 acres.

The community will include a spacious clubhouse with amenities such as a fitness center, pool, game room, pickleball courts, ponds and expansive landscaping.

Beechwood is excited to bring its flagship “Country Pointe” brand to Elwood and looks forward to working with the local community.

Fact Vs. Fiction


This community will affect the level of service on Jericho Turnpike.


This is false. This community will likely be a mix of active adults and young families. We have commissioned a traffic study to have experts research the impacts as part of our zoning process and the public will have an opportunity to review the study and to comment during that time, but we expect it to show no material negative increase in traffic on Jericho Turnpike nor any surrounding streets. We have found this to be true in all of our communities and will make videos available to you showing real peak traffic patterns. In addition, you may observe the frequency of vehicles entering and exiting our existing communities.


This community will be rental housing.


This is false. We are proposing an entirely for-sale condominium community. All housing will be market rate housing other than an affordable component required by the Town of Huntington. There will be no rental housing from the Sponsor. After a home is sold by the Sponsor, a homeowner may be able to rent their home subject to the rules, regulations and limitations set forth by the homeowner’s association and the condominium declaration.


This community will be senior (55+) housing.


This is false. We are proposing a non-age-restricted condominium community. The community will be available to residents of all ages and will provide opportunities for seniors and young households to remain in Elwood.


This community will include a retail or commercial component.


This is false. The proposed community is comprised solely of “for-sale” residences. The application and proposed zoning do not call for or permit any retail or commercial uses.


This community will negatively impact Berkeley Jackson Park.


This is false. The proposed community is set back from the boundary lines of Berkeley Jackson Park and no construction activities will occur on the park property.


This community will create light pollution.


This is false. The proposed community will be “dark-sky compliant” in full compliance with Town of Huntington Code and applicable building regulations. This means, among other things, outdoor light fixtures will be shielded, will point downward and will be no brighter than necessary.


1. What are the plans for the Country Pointe at Elwood?

The Beechwood Organization will be meeting and will continue to engage with stakeholders in the community, civic leaders as well as town officials to solicit feedback regarding their vision for Country Pointe at Elwood. We have formulated a conceptual plan which presents the highest and best valued use for the community. The current conceptual plan is a community comprised of 385 “for-sale” villas and townhomes as shown in the conceptual site plan which will include an affordable “for-sale” component for workforce housing. The conceptual plan will be presented to stakeholders and modified based upon input from the stakeholders.

2. What are the next steps and where can I learn more about Beechwood and Country Pointe at Elwood?

In conjunction with our change of zone application, we will be meeting with members of the community to receive input from the community and our neighbors. If you have any questions concerning the proposed community, please send us an email at to learn more.

3. If Country Pointe Elwood is approved, can it be converted to a rental community?

No. This would require a new application before the Town of Huntington Town Board and is not intended. In the 35+ years Beechwood has been in business, it has never applied for or converted a “for-sale” community to a rental community.

Do you have any questions about Country Pointe at Elwood?

    Steven and Michael Dubb
    Steven and Michael Dubb

    Updated November 11, 2022

    Dear Town of Huntington Resident and Neighbor,

    As part of our commitment to keeping you and the Elwood community stakeholders informed about our application to the Town of Huntington for Country Pointe at Elwood, we will continue to provide updates on this website.

    As we advised in June of 2022, The Beechwood Organization had submitted a new zone change application to the Town which addressed feedback that had been received from the community. The Town Board had reviewed the application and by a majority vote on November 3, 2022, issued a Positive Declaration requiring a Full SEQRA ( State Environmental Quality Review Act) Review and requiring us to prepare and submit a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

    A full SEQRA review is the most thorough option the Town has to review the impacts of any proposal, and we welcome that thorough study. Typically, a DEIS will include relevant information about the potential long and short term social and economic impacts of the proposed community, as well as any associated environmental impacts, as well as possible mitigation measures. In order to assess these potential impacts, during the SEQRA process, our professionals and experts will be obtaining and analyzing data in numerous areas, including traffic, the environment, air and water quality, school enrollment, taxes, waste management, effect on local businesses, impact to historic sites, housing, and aesthetics. As part of the process, our professionals will also reach out to local and other governmental agencies for relevant information.

    During this process, we will reach out to the community, civic associations, and local stakeholders to share information and listen to their input and feedback. If you would like to be contacted about this application, please submit your information below. We will continue to update this website with new information so please check in periodically.

    Thank you.
    Beechwood Homes